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Pure copper

CuA1 (Cu-ETP)
CuC1 (Cu-OF)
CuC2 (Cu-OFE)
Electrical, electronics, building industries, etc.
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- Standard: wire, round, tube, plate, hollow blank, strip, fasteners, etc.

- Customized: According to drawing
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barres en cuivre
Pure copper
Copper, today a common metal, is the oldest metal used by man. The melting point is not too high, about 1000°C. It has particularly high electrical and thermal conductivity, making it suitable for a wide range of applications.

Indeed, copper can be found in building materials such as roofing, various installations, plumbing fittings and water heaters. In the electrical and electronic industries, copper is used in the production of switches, transformers, motors, cables and many other items. In the mechanical industry, copper is used in the production of capacitors, heat exchangers, ingot molds, valves, clocks and watches.

Our pure copper products

En Parallèle des produits semi-finis, nous pouvons vous fournir suivant des demandes spécifiques.

A few examples of products
- Tresses de soudage (Cuivre Pur)
- Echangeurs thermiques (CuC1)
Production of customized parts according to plans in PDF format or directly in computer formats from CAD systems.
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  • Welding braids 
    Copper alloys

    Tresse de soudage - Alliage de cuivre

Grades of Pure Copper

GradeFamilyOther designationsDensityRm (MPa)Rp 0.2 (MPa)
CuA1-ETPCOPPER ALLOYSUNS C11000 / 2.00608,9300260
CuC1-OFCOPPER ALLOYSUNS C10200 / 2.00408,9420080
CuC2-OFECOPPER ALLOYSUNS C10100 / 2.00408,9420080
CuB1-DHPCOPPER ALLOYSUNS C12200 / 2.00908,9420040
CuTeCOPPER ALLOYSUNS C14500 / 2.15468,9250200
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