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T35 - Grade 1
T40 - Grade 2
T50 - Grade 3
T60 - Grade 4
TA6V - Grade 5
Aeronautical, military, chemical, automotive, medical, optical, aerospace industries, etc.
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- Standard : ronds, méplats, plaques, feuillard

- Sur-Mesure : ébauches, blocs, disques (en qualité forgée), pièces suivant plans

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Titanium is regarded as a metal with high mechanical strength and good ductility under normal temperature conditions. Its specific strength (tensile strength/density ratio) is, for example, higher than that of aluminum or steel. Its resistance decreases at temperature with a flattening between -25°C and 400°C. Below -50°C, in cryogenic temperature ranges, its strength increases, and its ductility decreases considerably.

Titanium being non-magnetic, it is highly resistant to corrosion and abrasion. Its resistance to fire, especially that of hydrocarbons, is also very good.

It is used for these properties mainly in fields as varied as the aeronautics, military, chemical, automotive, medical, optical and aerospace industries.

Our products in titanium

Along with semi-finished products, we can supply you according to specific requests.

A few examples of products
- TA6V axis
- Parts according to plans in T40 or TA6V
- T40 and TA6V screws
- Forged blanks, blocks and discs
Production of customized parts according to plans in PDF format or directly in computer formats from CAD systems.
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  • Titanium parts

    Titanium part
  • Titanium parts

    Titanium parts
  • Titanium part

    Titanium part
  • Titanium part

    Titanium part
  • Titanium bars

    barre en titane
  • Titanium axes

    Titanium parts
  • Titanium tubes

    tubes titane
  • Nuts in titanium

    Visserie titane
  • Screws in titanium

    Titanium parts

Grades of Titanium

GradeFamilyBêta transus (°C)Rm (MPa)
T35 Gr.1TITANIUM887240
T40 Gr.2TITANIUM912345
T50 Gr.3TITANIUM921450
T60 Gr.4TITANIUM949550
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