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Copper alloys

CuZn36, CuZn37 CuZn39Pb3CuZn37 CuZn40Pb2
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Electrical industry, construction, screw-machining... 
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Welding electrodes, mold inserts, electrode holders, etc.
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Properties: Very high resistance to corrosion. Brass is a relatively malleable alloy that can be worked both hot and cold. Its resistance to corrosion as well as its ductility give it a pleasing surface appearance.

Zinc is used in brass to reduce the melting point of the metal and its electrical conductivity. It also increases its service life and mechanical durability.

Brass is the most widely used copper alloy. It is one of the main alloys used by the screw-machining industry (production of small turned parts in very large series). Brass is used to make tubes and pipes, foundry components, mechanical parts such as gears, bolts and nuts, faucets, locksmith's parts, hardware, decorative items, precision instruments, timepieces, decorative elements for furniture, musical instruments, quality photo lenses, decorative utensils in copperware, etc... It is also used in certain parts subject to wear and tear or shock (hood, underside) of cameras. Brass can also be used as a protective or decorative layer.

Technical data

GradeFamilyOther designationsDensityRm (MPa)Rp 0.2 (MPa)
CuZn39Pb3LAITONSUNS C38500 / 2.04018,4360150
CuZn15LAITONSUNS C23000 / 2.02408,75290170
CuZn36LAITONSUNS C27200 / 2.03358,45330120
CuZn37LAITONSUNS C27400 / 2.03218,45300230
CuZn40Pb2LAITONSUNS C38010 / 2.04028,4360150
CW710R (CuZn35Ni3Mn2) CuZn25Al5Mn4Fe3 CuZn34Mn3Al2Fe2 
CW713 (CuZn37Mn3Al2)
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Mechanical and chemical industries, etc.
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Fasteners, valve parts, gearbox components, etc.
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High Resistance Brass contains manganese and, depending on the grade, additions of nickel or silicon to improve its properties. These alloys have high mechanical properties. They resist well to climatic variations and show high performance during machining.

They combine high mechanical properties and good resistance to friction wear. In addition, they have good compressive and matting strength.

Technical data

GradeFamilyOther designationsDensityRm (MPa)Rp 0.2 (MPa)
CuZn31Si1 (CW708R)HIGH RESISTANCE BRASS2.04908,4460240
CuZn40Mn2Fe1 (CW723R)HIGH RESISTANCE BRASS2.05728,3460270
CuZn35Ni3Mn2AlPb (CW710R)HIGH RESISTANCE BRASS2.05408,3440200
CuZn37Mn3Al2PbSi (CW713R)HIGH RESISTANCE BRASSUNS C674208,1540250
CuSn6, CuSn8, CuSn9P
CuSn7, CuSn10, CuSn12 
CuSn12P, CuSn12Ni2
CuSn7Zn4Pb7, CuSn11Pb2, CuSn10Pb10, CuSn7Pb15, CuSn5Pb20
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Automotive, petroleum and marine industries
Our products
Piston pin bushings, flange head bushings, bushings, nuts, etc.
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Doigts de contact avec pliage complexe - Alliage de cuivre
Mainly copper and tin alloy bronzes. Their main characteristics are strength, resistance to wear, medium resistance to corrosion and good electrical conductivity.

Bronzes also stand out for their resistance to shock. They are often used as a friction material facing steel involving high friction.

Technical data

GradeFamilyOther designationsDensityRm (MPa)Rp 0.2 (MPa)
CuSn4Zn4Pb4BRONZESUNS C544008,9450115
CuSn7Zn4Pb7BRONZESUNS C932008,8260120
CuSn6BRONZESUNS C51900 / 2.10208,8350260
CuSn7Pb15BRONZESUNS C9380 / 2.11838,8260120
CuSn8-CuSn8PBRONZESUNS C52100 / 2.10308,8450250
CuSn10Pb10BRONZESUNS C93700 / 2.11779220110
CuSn12Ni2BRONZESUNS C91700 / 2.10608,9300180
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Mechanical, chemical and aerospace industries, etc.
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Slides, nuts, wear rings, pressure rings, etc.
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Aluminum bronze is an alloy of copper, aluminum, iron and nickel that makes it possible to obtain very high mechanical properties.

This alloy can be hardened, forged or treated to increase mechanical performance.

The various types of aluminum-copper alloys offer a wide range of choices for all types of industrial applications. They are used in particular in the petroleum, marine, chemical and aerospace industries. 

Technical data

GradeFamilyOther designationsDensityRm (MPa)Rp 0.2 (MPa)
CuAl10Ni5Fe4ALUMINUM BRONZEUNS C63000 / 2.09667,6680320
CuAl10Ni5Fe5ALUMINUM BRONZEUNS C95500 / 2.09757,6650280
CuAl9Ni3Fe2ALUMINUM BRONZE2.09717,4490180
CuAl11Ni6Fe6ALUMINUM BRONZE2.09787,4740420
CuAl10Fe3Mn2ALUMINUM BRONZE2.09367,6590330
CuAl13Fe4ALUMINUM BRONZEHors norme> 560> 470
CuAl13Fe4-FALUMINUM BRONZEHors norme> 900> 350
CuAl14Fe5ALUMINUM BRONZEHors norme> 630> 540
CuAl14Fe5-FALUMINUM BRONZEHors norme> 650> 400
CuAl15Fe5ALUMINUM BRONZEHors norme> 680> 590
CuAl15Fe5ALUMINUM BRONZEHors norme> 650> 400
CuBe2 (traité et non traité)
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Automotive, petroleum, shipbuilding industries
Our products
Welding electrodes, mold inserts, electrode holders, etc.
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Specific alloys for connection technology and specific uses such as welding electrodes (CuNiSiCr, CuCr1Zr, CuCoNiBe, CuBe2, CuTe).

Technical data

GradeFamilyOther designationsDensityRm (MPa)Rp 0.2 (MPa)
CuNiSiCr/CuNi2SiCOPPER ALLOYSUNS C70250 / 2.08558,9500450
CuNi3SiCOPPER ALLOYS2.08578,8410370
CuCr1ZrCOPPER ALLOYSUNS C18150 / 2.12938,9440350
CuCoNiBeCOPPER ALLOYSUNS C822008,8680540
CuCo2BeCOPPER ALLOYSUNS C17500 / 2.12858,8690570
CuBe2COPPER ALLOYSUNS C17200 / 2.12478,311501000

Our copper alloy products

En parallèle des produits semi-finis, nous pouvons vous fournir suivant des demandes spécifiques.

Quelques exemples de réalisations:
- Electrodes et molettes de soudages
- Electrodes avec insert en Tungstène
- Inserts de moules
- Coussinets hautes performances
- Doigts de contacts
Manufacture of customized parts according to plans in PDF format or directly in computer formats from CAD systems.
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  • Pièces pour cintrage en Cupro-Aluminium

    Mandrin de cintrage - réalisation Concept Métal
  • Pièces pour soudage en CuNi2Si

  • Pièces en alliage de cuivre

    PIECES ALLIAGE DE CUIVRE - concept metal
  • Pièce en alliage de cuivre

    Pièce en alliage de cuivre
  • Doigts de contact avec pliage complexe en Cuivre

  • Electrode en
    Alliage de cuivre avec insert en tungstène

  • Tresse de soudage 
    en Cuivre

    Tresse de soudage - Alliage de cuivre
  • Ebauche en Bronze

    Tube alliage de cuivre
  • Pièces de décolletage en Laiton

    décolletage en laiton
  • Pièces de décolletage en alliages de cuivres spéciaux

    décolletage en alliages de cuivres spéciaux


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